Sep 14, 2014

Look son, it's a lifetime deal

One of the best sessions of the year captured as still pictures!
Can't say anything else but I just love finnish bmx/mtb scene and lifestyle.

Aaro Visala, dumped 360

Linus Karlsson, superman

Andre Jesus, 360 tucknohand

Andre Jesus & Riku Mertala, backflip

Markus Kainulainen, 360 table

Markus Kainulainen, dumped 360

Markus Kainulainen & Aaro Visala, tailwhip

Markus Kainulainen & Riku Mertala, nofooted cancan

Riku Mertala, backflip

Riku Mertala, cannonball

Riku Mertala, superman

Riku Mertala, tailwhip

Aaro Visala, 360 nacnac

Shot by myself and Aaro. If I'm in the picture then by Aaro and the rest mostly by me.

Sep 6, 2014


Here's an edit we filmed few days ago! Go to vimeo for HD-version!

Aug 25, 2014

Balls getting bigger

One phone clip from yesterdays dirt sessions!
Might be the biggest jumps I've been riding ever and also my biggest tailwhip.

Post by Riku Mertala.